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color bars, icons and art in general

The community to express your artistic side
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The xprezyourself layout looks best on 1024x768+ resolution in .

Owner/Maintainers - who made this all possible.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
xoreo_cookiex - icons, colorbars, friends only banners, any banner,

1. Comment and Credit when you take someone's icon, layout, or w/e they post.
2. Please join the community if you decide to take anything.
3. Use lj-cut if you have more than 3 icons.
4. Use lj-cut or thumbnails if you're posting large graphics.
5. Credit where is needed.
6. We do take requests, but please try to provide the images (high resolution recommended).
7. If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.
8. Nudity, offensive things, & extremely long posts should be put behind a cut.
9. You can promote only when you are contributing.
10. If you join this community we'd appreciate that you introduce yourself (artist or requester, name, age... and a "yes, I've read the rules"). For the artists when you introduce yourself we would want you to post at least one piece of art ex. colorbars, icons, layouts, friends only banners, drawings, poems, etc.
11. This is a Drama Free community... we wont tolerate it.
12. Giving attitude to any Mod is an automatic ban.

We hoped we wouldn't have to do this..The shit list
1.mormon_princess (Banned)<====former mod turned theif...what a shame

-If you take any icons you may either credit in keywords/comments or link the artist in your journal info.
Like such:

-If you take anything else you should provide a link to the artist in your info. page when you're using the item(s).
If it's not for LJ, then you may credit in another way at somewhere visible.

-There is absolutely no hotlinking allowed unless the artist says you can.
-Thieves will be added to the Shit List.

-And we will also appreciate very much if you help promote this community with a link/one of our buttons if you like what you see here. Thanks!

Where to host your files for free? - hotlinking your images...

These are a few good ones... more free-hosts can be found at here.

Thanks to viva_la_chuck for making this <3...